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The Importance of Self-care: Badass Babes Set Boundaries

Updated: May 24, 2021

We see you! We know you're stressed out, overworked and often underappreciated, and that self-care couldn't be more important... all while seeming like a luxury you don't have time for. "Self-care", it's the hottest buzz word these days. And it's easy to associate self care with a bubble bath a glass of wine and binging TV. But self -care its truest sense is setting boundaries, saying no to things that cause you stress and angst. Self-care is saying yes and making

time for the things that bring you joy. Yes, life always involves doing hard things but we are here to remind to you not use the self-care band-aid, but the antidote! Enjoy that bubble bath without lingering thoughts of the commitment you wish you would have declined and bask in the warmth of you inner badass who knows how to set boundaries. You are StrongHER®


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