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Counseling for Adolescents & Teens

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As experts in adolescent therapy, we know that teens struggle with many of the same feelings as their adult counterparts. Although the circumstance and context can differ, their needs are no different. Whether your teen is isolating and struggling with depression, anxiety, or feeling overwhelmed we can help. Perhaps they are have experienced a traumatic event and are unsure how to handle the emotions associated with them. We can help.

As a parent, your child is the center of your world, and you play an integral and irreplaceable role in their children's development into a healthy young productive adult. As the parent, you are a cornerstone in your child's counseling team. We understand the importance of having parents participate in their child's therapy. As a team, we can work together to help your adolescent through whatever they may be struggling with and build self-confidence and strength in the process.

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