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Self-defense Seminars

Fight Like A Girl

You Are Worth Fighting For

We hope you never have to directly use what we teach, in fact that's the goal! However, even if you never use it we guarantee the things you learn and practice will allow you to embrace your strength and .impact you in many other ways on a daily basis. Although there is no replacement for the continued training and practice that enables one to defend themselves, we understand that not everyone can or will train regularly. Although we do not claim to offer anyone a one-time quick-fix solution we believe that some training is better than none.

Our comprehensive Women’s self-defense seminars (the same ones regularly taught by Krav Oz at several area universities including American University and Georgetown University) run 4 hours and are available for groups ranging in numbers from 10-30 persons. Seminars cover not only the physical aspect of an attack but the psychological.

Our research-based seminars are taught by Chantell Prestcott-Hollander, A Krav Maga Black Belt and and licensed counselor. With input from law enforcement officers and various mental health professionals and evidence-based input from women’s advocacy groups, women will gain a deeper understanding of the psychology behind an attacker.​

All Self-defense offerings are done in proud partnership with Krav Oz, Germantown's premier place for self-defense, fighting, and fitness! 

Our Focus

Predict &

Prevent violence


Verbally De-escalate threatening situations

Combat aggressive behavior

Use practical self-defense striking & tactics

Escape holds, grabs, & rape scenarios

Be StrongHER® & SafeHER
Than Yesterday


In Person

To learn about in-person opportunities to train regularly with like-minded women looking to

be SafeHER & StrongHER® 

Check out our partners at 

Krav Oz, Germantown's premier place for self-defense, fitness and fighting. 

Online Learning

Learn from the comfort of your own home with our online library in partnership with

Krav Oz, Germantown's premier place for self-defense fitness, and fighting. 

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Brunch n' Punch Meet-ups at

Krav Oz, Germantown's premier place for self-defense, fitness and fighting. 

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Our Focus

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