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Trauma-informed Training for Coaches & Trainers

Calling all* coaches, trainers & wellness professionals. 

We believe building physical strength on the outside is just as crucial as building internal resilience and strength. Doing the uncomfortable hard physical things such as self-defense, martial arts, strength and conditioning, CrossFit, or Olympic lifting inevitably brings growth inside as well as outside. We understand firsthand that coaches, trainers, and wellness providers are often placed in positions of trust and confidence by those they teach and train who have experienced trauma. Because you are a pro at what you do and not a trauma expert, you likely have felt unsure at times with how to respond to or approach a client or student who has confided in you. We know you want to do your best to meet their needs. This is why we are offering training to help you and your facility be a trauma-informed center, equipped to appropriately help those who have experienced trauma. 


Since nearly half of all adults have experienced some traumatic event in their lifetime, we are almost guaranteed to work with trauma survivors. We believe that coaches and wellness professionals who are trained in trauma-informed practices can offer an amazing augment to other clinical treatment options on the path to recovery for their clients. 

*This is open to male and female coaches, trainers and wellness providers! 

Our Focus

Neurophysiological, psychological, & emotional effects
of trauma 

Trauma-informed considerations for gyms and wellness centers 

personal biases & perspectives on trauma 


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