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Woman Centered Counseling


Chantell Prestcott-Hollander, M.Ed, LGPC, NCC

Chantell Prestcott-Hollander grew up a military brat and the oldest of 8 children. She is happily settled in the DC area with her husband and has two teenage boys. 

She received her B.A. from Brigham Young University-Hawaii and her Masters from The University of Massachusetts-Boston. Chantell is a licensed counselor in Maryland and also holds National Board Certification as a counselor. She is a Yoga instructor as well as a Krav Maga black belt and Personal Trainer.


Chantell started her career in education, teaching 18 years ago. However, she felt she could be more impactful individually with students as a counselor. In 2011 she pivoted her career and began her Masters to follow this dream. She spent most of the last decade working in an all-girls school, where she draws on first-hand experience and access to the latest research on the development of girls and women to inform her practice. She is committed to understanding the unique ways women can grow stronger through working, learning and playing together in female-centric communities.

Chantell is equally passionate about helping women uncover their strength on the outside as she is inside. She has spent well over a decade teaching and training women in fitness and self-defense. She has seen first-hand at Krav Oz, (the self-defense and fitness gym she operates with her husband) the potential physical training has to foster resilience and growth for women, especially those who have experienced trauma.

Chantell's approach to counseling is person-centered, and her area of therapeutic practice includes but is not limited to; Adolescent counseling, Career and Lifestyle Counseling, Educational Counseling, Body Positivity, Behavioral Analysis, Life Transition/Adjustment, and Anxiety Disorders. She is currently training to become a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. 

Chantell believes in a holistic approach to healing, wellness, and strength. She is passionate about guiding individuals and groups into deeper connection and growth through therapy, education, and physical training. 

Heather McKenna, M.A.,  LCPC

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Heather McKenna is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Maryland as well as a Board Approved Supervisor for Maryland Counselors.  Heather is also an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) practitioner, and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional.  Heather holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology/Criminology and a Master’s Degree in Counseling.  For more than 30 years she has come alongside women in all stages of life, and in virtually every mental health setting including inpatient, outpatient, community settings, clinic and shelter settings, residential, and private practice.  Her areas of practice and experience include Trauma and Trauma Informed Counseling, Sexual Assault Recovery, Life Transition and Adjustment Counseling, Bereavement and Grief Work, Career and Lifestyle Counseling, Anxiety and Mood Disorders, and treatment of Psychotic Disorders and Severe Persistent Mental Illness.  Heather’s primary theoretical approach is Person Centered, which means that the focus of therapy is on the client’s capacity and responsibility to discover ways to live more fully. This approach works on the premise that individuals hold within themselves both the ability and the drive to live in the way that is most functional, most productive, and most fulfilling for them.  She believes the role of the Counselor is to provide a safe and genuine space and to join that individual in a process of uncovering and developing strengths while discovering their own healthiest way of doing life.

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Elizabeth Armato


Liz first fell in love with Krav Maga after taking a women’s self defense class with Chantell several years ago.  She has always been dedicated to training as much as she can.  Liz trained as much as possible and wholly dedicated herself to her craft early on and passed Krav Oz’s level one test just five months after starting her Krav Maga journey and became a Fit to Fight Krav Maga/Defensive Options certified coach shortly after!


Liz is incredibly passionate about teaching women and girls and has taught in the the Women's self-defense program at Krav Oz for 4 years. She has assisted with seminars at area universities and with various girl scout and mother daughter groups. Her energy is infectious and she’s both tough and encouraging at the same time. Her positive attitude and caring nature shows in the way she interacts with every student.


Cathy Tran


Cathy is a lifelong martial artist and has always been passionate about martial arts and physical fitness. She was introduced to Krav Maga by Chantell at her local gym several years ago and fell in love with it. Cathy has also trained in several martial arts, where she holds a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do and a brown/black belt in Karate.

Cathy is a certified Level 1 Fit to Fight defensive options / Krav Maga instructor at Krav Oz. She has passionately instructed adults and even the youngest learners in self-defense and fitness over the last 4 years. She is also an assistant instructor for the women self-defense program at Krav Oz, and has assisted with women's self-defense seminars at area universities. Cathy is passionate about helping women find fun and engaging ways to grow their physical strength and through functional fitness and self-defense.




Although not an officially trained therapy dog Zoey has so much to offer in the form of love and inspiration.

Zoey, due to no fault of her own found herself surrounded by humans who didn't appreciate her. She, like so many women, was told she was 'too much.' Zoey even tried to run away at one point, but was rehomed to another abusive situation, and was once again met with neglect. Neglected because she was 'too much.'  Like many women who need out of a difficult situation, Zoey just needed a little help.


At Zoey's final visit to the shelter after a neighbor intervened, it was found out she has Lyme disease and heartworms. Her ears were disfigured from fly bites and her tail was badly injured.  But Chantell met Zoey via zoom (during the height of the COVID pandemic) and knew instantly that this dog was meant to share her home. 

Although Zoey still struggles with anxiety and is understandably fearful around many things, she is learning to be strong and brave. Every day she is facing her fears large and small. She is even on the road to a full physical recovery.


All Zoey needed was someone who understood her. Zoey has never for one moment been 'too much' she just needed understanding and love. She has overcome and is proving that her past does not determine her future, and because of that, Zoey is learning every day how to ask for what she needs, and get what she wants and deserves!  We hope Zoey will inspire you to do the same. 

You will occasionally find Zoey at the gym greeting guests or 'helping' Chantell train. 


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