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Tele-Health FAQ's

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Questions We Hear:

Is it safe?

YES! We have taken great care to make sure we are using an encrypted HIPAA compliant platform and we also require that our therapist clicks to admit you into the Meeting Room which prevents anyone else from coming into our session.

What do I do about privacy?

Most of our clients are able to conduct sessions at home but we recognize that isn’t always possible, so we have found that some go outside and walk, go in their cars and even sit on their decks. We do recommend if you are inside, to place your phone or device by the closed door with a white noise app running (Sleepy Fan is free one that we use) which helps greatly with insulating sound.

What do I need to have an online session?

Just a strong internet signal is needed and access to the Thera-link website on you browser. We’ve heard of some clients with unlimited data who just use their phones for their session which is perfectly fine too.

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