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Guiding Principles

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Story

StrongHER® was founded in 2021 with a rebellious spirit and a big dream of helping every woman and girl uncover and rediscover their strength from the inside out. Our goal is to connect women & girls everywhere through specialized mental health counseling and coaching, educational support groups, and self-defense training. We believe that women thrive with connection and camaraderie. We also believe that where you have been does not determine where you can go and what you will achieve. We believe in reclaiming our stories together, through proactive and preventative emotional, mental, and physical fitness. We believe in holistic healing through traumas and rewriting our narratives by becoming StrongHER® inside and out. We believe that

TogetHER we are StrongHER®

Our Mission

Our Mission

To connect women and girls everywhere to create open, welcoming communities and safe spaces to heal from traumas, to learn and grow through challenge and become the strongest version of themselves through specialized mental health therapy, educational support groups, and self-defense training. 

That every woman will understand the power

of her strength inside and out. 

Our Vision

Dancing Women









Connect, Grow, Thrive

Participate and Connect with Like-minded Women

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